Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"More later," I typed, as if I had more to say on the subject.

Not really. Except to add that aside from his weak generalizations about the blogosphere, Plagens' survey of what's been going on in print media is actually pretty balanced and considered.

I especially appreciated the quote from Christopher Knight, who, regarding conservative criticism of the last century--which viewed modern art as evidence that the sky was falling--said: "The declinist view lives on--only now it has turned away from art and set its sights on journalistic art writing."

I mentioned ageism. Don't know if it's worth talking about. I suppose every generation protects its interests and its hierarchies. It does seem tougher and tougher, though, to get a reasonable teaching gig in Studio Art--instead of tenure-track positions, what you'll find is annual renewables, with not only really heavy courseloads, but also the expectation that you'll be, say, the director of the art gallery, too. Or the guy who maintains the facilities.

"They told me what your job responsibilities would be," one of my former professors at Maryland (and current bosses) told me regarding a phone interview with a prospective employer. "I asked them if they wanted you to do an oil change and rotate their tires, too."


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