Friday, June 22, 2007

I have a pick for Matt Ravenstahl's show at Meat Market Gallery in this week's City Paper.

Read it here.

Tomorrow night--Saturday, June 23rd--my band, The Object Lesson, will be playing the Velvet Lounge.

Fox has lovingly hand-picked a couple of great bands to play with us: The Soundscapes and the Famous Lovers.

Remember that birdhouse project I told you about? Well, the houses are coming down. The city threatened Workingman Collective--Tom Ashcraft, Janis Goodman, and Peter Winant--with a $100,000.00 fine. It turns out that you can't attach structures to D.C. trees.

If the trees are privately owned, that's another story. But in this case, they were definitely public property.

Probably would've been good to know that in advance.

From what I understand, the curator, Welmoed Laanstra, experienced some sort of miscommunication.

More Site Projects are planned through the end of July. Let's hope that the city is prepared to tolerate at least a few of them.


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