Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So we deinstalled Ian and Jan on Monday.

It was a good run--a nice review by Jessica Dawson in the Post, one by Kriston in the CP, and a lot of positive feedback all around. Meg and I were both really pleased with how it all turned out.
Now the component pieces are just sitting around, crowding both of our studios.
What's next? We're working on finding more venues for the show--hopefully taking it to Richmond and Baltimore. We'll see. We're also planning to cut the four videos together into one long piece, maybe take it to a few film festivals...

It's easy to lose momentum with this sort of thing, though. When I did the collaboration with Jefferson and Chris last year, we had all sorts of plans to shop the show around, build additional components...but we all moved on to other projects. Already I'm chomping at the bit to start my next body of work.
In the immediate future, I have a piece in Strictly Painting 6: Color Field Revisited.

Ironic, eh?

Yes, last summer, between the Flashpoint project and Ian and Jan, I did a group of abstract paintings based on found and manipulated digital images for a one man show at Howard Community College. One of those will be on view at McLean. I'm very happy to have been selected...but the piece obviously doesn't exactly reflect my current, ah, change of direction.

Anyway, below are some parting installation shots. I managed to get an image of the video projection--hard to photograph.

1. View of Chariot, Wings, related photos, and performance video

2. Process drawing for Chariot (detail)

3. Ian's action suits; drawing of Ian and Jan wearing proposed Sam Gilliam-esque drape costume

4. Corner Piece--projection of performance superimposed over resulting plexi painting

5. View of main video and black and white performance photos of Jan (Note to aspiring video artists: Think you can't afford a 40" LCD monitor? Rent-a-Center is your friend.)

6. Streaking (detail). Apologies for the blurry photo.

7. Another view of Corner Piece


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