Thursday, November 08, 2007

I misunderstood Holger when he told me that the Ludwig Forum's collection is 16,000 pieces deep: It's actually a collection shared between several institutions, and the Forum only has about 3,000 pieces for itself. Still, it's pretty terrific stuff.

Had dinner last night at the house of Dr. Gertraud Kosters. Frau Kosters's house is beautiful--an old farmhouse and barn gorgeously converted and brimming over with art. When I say dinner, I suppose I mean soup, potatos and wine: Being vegan in Germany doesn't do you any culinary favors. (Having said that, the soup was amazing--pumpkin, ginger, I don't know what else.)

Three of the German artists--Andreas Magdanz, Stephan Morsch, Hans Niehus--were appalled to learn that I've been here a week, but still haven't seen anything aside from the Ludwig Forum. (The nice art is certainly a consolation, but, no, no sightseeing yet, just lots of phone calls, e-mails, and installation pressures.)

Stephan and Andreas threatened to kidnap me and take me across the border to the Netherlands today. I think they were kidding, though.

I think.


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