Friday, November 09, 2007

Installation for the Arlington to Aachen show is nearly finished. Below are some photos of work in progress.

Beautiful, rainy Aachen.

The artwork finally arrives from customs.

How much art did we ship to Aachen, exactly? Just a few metric tons.

Evan's house takes shape.

Installation view of Mona Sfeir's Flying Carpet.

Maria Karametou.

Amy Yang's Phosphorflock. Yes, those are my disembodied legs in the mirrored pedestal--topped off by a glowing sea urchin.

Amy Yang, her sister, and the amazing, ever-patient Holger.

Heinz and his crew: Very professional; very fast.

The house of Dr. Kosters.

German artists Hans Niehus, Andreas Magdanz, and Stephan Morsch.

Director Harald Kunde with Hans Niehus.

Evan and Mona.


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