Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wrote a post this morning on Kahn and Selesnick at Irvine; I'll have that up at some point before the day's end. My thoughts on Lori Nix at Randall Scott will follow.

I will be in Aachen, Germany next week--from the 4th to the 11th, Sunday to Sunday. We're installing the second half of the Arlington to Aachen: Imaging the Distance exchange show at the
Ludwig Forum.

One of two things will happen: I will either keep you updated as to my adventures in Aachen, day by day...or the blog will go silent for a week, and I'll have a flurry of posts when I return. Planning on the former, not the latter, but all will depend on the viability of my less-than-cutting-edge laptop.

The laptop is actually significantly better than my PC at home--yet when the woman doing our tech consult at the AAC saw it sitting on my desk, she laughed out loud. For awhile.

Bear in mind that less than a year ago, when I started this blog, I was using a Windows 98 machine and dial-up. That's me: rubbing two sticks together in the electronic wilderness.


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