Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Also opening this Saturday, March 8: Patrick Holderfield's show at Project 4, Pilgrim.

I don't know much about Holderfield, but based on the jpegs on the gallery's website, it appears that he's yet another artist who likes to paint that painting.

Which painting, you ask? You know it: A collision of visual codes in the middle of an empty field--some brushstrokes; some illusionistic renderings of brushstrokes; some calligraphic curlicues, and maybe some goopy cosmic sci fi stuff. Or some intertwining conduits, pipes, and wires. Or neurons, or blood cells--biological flotsam. Something like that. Think Matthew Ritchie, or Julie Mehretu...or the thousands of grad students who love them.

I'm not saying that all of this work is bad, or that it's all created for the same reasons--heck, I actually like a few of the local artists who make some version or other of that painting.

But maybe we can all agree it's time to start making a different painting.

Anyway, Patrick Holderfield painted one of the 14 pictures below. See if you can figure out which one. Bonus points if you can place all of the remaining 13--each is by a different artist, believe it or not. Answers next week!


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