Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There's been a lively discussion in the comments for Tuesday's post. Scroll down and read here. (Glad to see Tim Conlon entering the fray by day's end, too.)

Now, on to other important matters. Like, say, '90s indie rock.

Remember the early ‘90s? When playing a guitar that you fished out of a dumpster seemed like a good idea—as did recording your full-length LP on a four track in somebody’s basement, or burying your vocals under a wall of reverb and noisy guitar overdubs?

Anyway, that was how music seemed to work when I discovered Polvo. When I first heard those queasy string bends, dueling detuned guitar parts, and herky-jerky, stop-start song structures, I thought: Surely this is rock music for the ages.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t, but you should at least be glad that they’re back. Polvo is rested, ready, and doing a reunion tour, and will be playing the Black Cat on May 9. The last time I saw them there, they were touring in support of Shapes, their final album, and they opened—opened! Injustice! Sacrilege!—for Trans Am.

See live video below—Fast Canoe, from Exploded Drawing.


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I'll see you there!!!

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