Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's been a busy week thus far, and it's only getting busier, so things may be quiet, posting-wise...

I need some time to process it, but I wanted to make sure to note Robert Rauschenberg's passing last night. He was 82. Read the NYT obit by Michael Kimmelman here. Tyler has more links (he's keeping his post at the top of the page) here.

For more on the man and his career, buy Calvin Tomkins's lovely, indispensable book, Off the Wall, here.

Also: Lenny has an entertaining (if not entirely illuminating) account from Rosetta DeBerardinis of the doomed Corcoran Art Anonymous exhibition here. At least they finally managed to sell a few more tickets...by offering to give some of the art away. Ouch.


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