Friday, May 30, 2008

I've been in NYC for two days picking up artwork. I reacquainted myself with the limitations of mapquest, met a dog named Afrothunder, and somehow managed not to scare off our new intern, Kendall--who, on her third day on the job, spent something like 12 hours hauling artwork out of buildings, calling ahead to gallerists and artists, and acting as navigator.

Deinstallation of Spring Solos and prep for She's So Articulate starts Sunday. Don't expect much from the blog for the next week or so--though I will try to keep you updated.

My only bit of news for you: Randolph college sold Rufino Tamayo's The Troubador for $7,209,000.00. College spokeswoman Brenda Edson told the Lynchburg News and Advance that Randolph students can have an educational experience that "will still include a wonderful art collection."

Albeit a smaller one, sans a few choice pieces.

Read the rest here.


Blogger w said...

As someone who lives in Charlottesville and visits family in Lynchburg I'm disappointed too - there is, for now, a great collection there - the only one for hundreds of miles.

11:06 AM  

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