Monday, June 02, 2008

On Sunday, Dorothy Spears had a nice piece in the NYT on an upcoming show at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta: After 1968: Contemporary Artists and the Civil Rights Legacy. The show features the work of Jefferson Pinder and Nadine Robinson, among others.

Jefferson actually introduced me to Nadine’s work—some of which you can see in our next exhibition at the Arlington Arts Center, She’s So Articulate. Nadine will have two pieces in the show; one of them, White We, features an audio loop from Diana Ross’s 1975 movie, Mahogany--which, in case you missed it, co-starred Anthony Perkins as a deranged fashion photographer and featured a slew of kooky kimono-type outfits for Diana. Really, how can you go wrong with that?

Totally unrelated: My band, The Object Lesson, has just finished recording a full length CD. And although our official website appears to be stuck back in June of 2007, our myspace page now has mixes of a few of the songs.

Pictured: Diana Ross having a high-speed fashion experience


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