Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out to the closing party for She's So Articulate on Friday! We had a huge crowd for the panel discussion; the Meyer gallery was absolutely packed, and I think the artists were all really pleased with all of the positive feedback they received. Frankly, I expected a much smaller audience, given the prospect of arm wrestling roller derby girls across the bridge.

I've been threatening to post original audio content on this blog for awhile, and I finally have some for you: Below is a recording of the discussion, moderated by professor Terri Weissman and featuring myself, Henry Thaggert, Maya Freelon Asante, Stephanie Dinkins, Nekisha Durrett, and Renee Stout. It runs for just over an hour. Terri asks the artists and the curators about narrative, the work in the show--and, of course, the Kara Walker question, with some audience Q & A at the end. Please forgive occasional PA feedback and/or white noise from the struggling, shuddering climate control system.

Sadly, Torkwase Dyson didn't make it in time for the discussion. Damn you, New Jersey turnpike! Luckily, you can read a little bit--and I do mean a little bit--about her current show at Meat Market in Sunday's WaPo. I was excited to hear that she'd been interviewed...until I realized it was for the Studio feature, which basically consists of one question and one answer in hilariously large type, with a half-page graphic of the artist's work.

Hey, Posties: Since I know there's an extensive interview with this fabulous artist floating around somewhere on Jessica Dawson's laptop, why not put that content on the web?


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