Friday, August 08, 2008

Posting notice: Good lord, I'm busy. As you no doubt have guessed by the complete lack of activity here this week, it's crunch time at the AAC again.

We're currently installing my good friend Rex Weil's show, Picturing Politics, featuring all sorts of folks--Mary Coble, Jefferson Pinder and Matt Ravenstahl, Alberto and Victoria F. Gaitan, Randall Packer and John Anderson, Renee Stout, the Pinky Show, Jose Ruiz, Helga Thomson, Wendy Babcox and Meg Mitchell, Lisa Blas, Benjamin Edwards, Judy Byron, Rick Reinhard, and photos from the National Vietnam Veterans Museum and the Independence Fund's Veterans Art Project.

That's fifteen different artists and/or artistic collaborations. Lots of video, which means several darkened spaces-within-spaces, which also means hanging drywall, moving existing walls, curtains, paint, etc. Thankfully, enough of the artists are self-starters that my interns and volunteers won't kill themselves. Or me.

So, look, I'm going to be awfully tied up between now and next Friday. After that, I'll be on vacation for two weeks. I'm sure I'll have internet access at the beach, and certainly I'll intend to post a few things...but seeing as how I've lost an entire week this week without really meaning to, my guess is that the tumbleweeds will be tumbling across H&S until September.

Unless I can get a guest blogger, maybe. Any volunteers? Suggestions?


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