Friday, October 31, 2008

First: Thanks to everyone who came and participated in our first-ever performance night at the AAC. Darts were blown at a living golden buddha; sardines were slipped into unwitting patrons' drinks by a cranky sea turtle; and many people experienced the least flattering makeovers imaginable. All in a day's work! I'll post some video from the event next week.

Second: Project 4 has new digs--although as of this writing, their website, confusingly, makes no mention of the fact, and still lists their address as 903 U Street. Don't be fooled! Head over tomorrow night NEXT Saturday night to the third floor of 1353 U Street NW (that's the same building as Hamiltonian) to see the opening of their latest show of work by Los Angeles artist Thomas Müller. Müller pairs tiny, crudely-made clay sculptures of animals with fresh ripe fruit in both photos and installations, presumably to humorous effect.

Third: It's my favorite holiday today, and that can only mean it's time for me to post some Dario Argento: Suspiria, with music courtesy of Goblin. Those made squeamish by graphic--albeit stylized--'70s Italian gore: Skip it.


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