Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening of Fall Solos 2008 at the Arlington Arts Center on Friday! If you missed it, make sure to see our next event: an evening of performance art on Thursday, October 30, during which Baltimorean artists Sarada Conaway, Judy Stone, and Virginia Warwick will all be performing in different parts of the building. (If you made it to Arlington on Friday, you might've caught Virginia's transformation into a directionally challenged, hung-over sea turtle in her fairly uncomfortable performance, Underwater Adventure. The turtle will return on the 30th, but in a different context.)

Thanks also to all of the folks who attended Civilians for Obama at Civilian Art Projects. I don't know if my piece in the show actually sold, but if it did, I commend the taste and bravery of the purchaser, who clearly decided that her or his wall needed to be graced by a picture of a fully frontally nude Jeffry, covered in Morris Louis stripes. Hey, who doesn't need that?

Finally: In case you missed it, DCist's Aaron Morrissey ran a profile of me on Sunday. The piece makes me out to be a very busy bee...completely missing my tendencies to procrastinate, stare off into space, or sit on my ass for hours at a time watching old zombie movies. Dynamism, indeed.


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