Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Below at long last are some installation shots for PUBLIC/PRIVATE--the current show at the AAC, and, believe it or don't, my first solo outing as curator there. We'll have a special closing reception on Tuesday, March 24, featuring a lecture from Mel Chin, and the show will remain on view through April 4.

Anissa Mack, My Sister's Diary. Every week, new copies of redacted pages from the artist's sister's journal are posted onto this public bulletin board outside the center. Mack is probably best known to most folks for her 2002 piece, Pies for a Passerby.

Ben Kinsley and Robin Hewlett have received a lot of attention for their Street with a View project, represented here by an interactive web terminal and video.

Photos of Richard Saxton's M.I.K.E. (Music Integrated Kiosk Environment) project in Wisconsin.

Lisa Blas's K Street Projects, Vol. 1 - 4.

Installation view.

The Everyone That We Know News, courtesy of Philadelphia artists Chris Barr and Veronique Cote. Imagine the unholy marriage of CNN and Facebook.

Mandy Burrow creates temporary portraits that are made and meant to be seen in her subjects' homes. She collaborates with her subjects in choosing the objects with which she builds these pieces. The AAC installation features photos and recreations of several installations in the gallery.

Satomi Shirai. There are plenty of contemporary young women artists doing this sort of choreographed photography, operating somewhere between theater and journalism, but Satomi's work delivers beautifully, even if the premise is familiar.

Downstairs: Stephanie Robbins and Christian Moeller.

For Stephanie's piece, two participants face one another, each standing on a floor mounted photograph of cracked pavement. Each dons headphones that are suspended from the ceiling. During the opening, I caught a few people dancing--or at least trying to--on these.

Video of Christian Moeller's Mojo, installed in San Pedro in 2007.

Like I've said before, I'm a big Matt Sutton fan...so I'm pleased that we were able to present his Febreze Scentstories piece here. Feel free to come by, sit in the little booth, and try your hand at some creative writing, spurred on by a commercial air freshener that promises to deliver linear narrative through smells.


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