Saturday, April 18, 2009

rested and ready

Thank you, DCist! Thanks, Heather!

And thank you to everyone who came to the opening last night, saw the work of our fine solos artists, or even drew a Fundred, and deposited it in our AAC Fundred repository.

Obviously I'm hopelessly biased--and have been spending a great number of hours with this work recently--but I think all five of these artists are really firing on all cylinders. This is one of the strongest groups I've had here. So if you missed the opening, make sure you come by and see excellent DC artists Steve Frost and Greg McLellan, young Baltimorean destroyer of objects Chris LaVoie, and our two meticulous-minded out-of-towners, Joe Lupo and Jason Lee (both of whom hail from WVA).

Next week: Actual posts! And more about a panel discussion featuring SOLOS artist Steve Frost, Project 4 director Anne Surak, crafter and DCist writer Kelly Rand, and ceramic arts gallerist Rebecca Cross...and moderated by me. It's art vs. craft, in both a war of words and an actual physical tug of war.


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