Thursday, June 11, 2009

under pressure

Things are going to get pretty quiet here at H & S for at least a month or so: At the moment, I am furiously working to get the next show I've curated for the AAC--PARADOX NOW!--up and running as soon as possible, if not sooner. We are several days ahead of our usual schedule, thank goodness, but I continue to apply pressure.

Why the sense of urgency, you ask? Well, my wife, Cassandra, is nine months pregnant. Her official due date is basically right now, so I could disappear into daddyland at any moment. At that point, my life will be car seats, dirty diapers, in-laws, and general sleeplessness. (I'm accustomed to that last one.)

So I may or may not steer the ship of this next show to its completion; I may or may not see you at the opening. I hope you will come, though--it's a terrific group of artists. Clarke Bedford installed a van load of outrageous objects yesterday--half of his room is a sort of gentleman of learning's cabinet of curiosities; the other half is a faux conceptual art retrospective for that neglected genius, Coleslaw Baklava. (His name sounds yummy, doesn't it?)

We've also got videos from Mark Tribe and Anna Lucas--and Anna will be here for the opening reception on the 19th, delivering a lecture on her work for your enjoyment at 7:30 pm. We have video and photography by Baltimorean Megan Hildebrandt; contracts from a project by D.C.'s own Ding Ren; doctored photos by N.Y. artist Josh Azzarella; pics by E. Brady Robinson; and a brand new, just-completed thirty foot linen scroll by amazing Philly artist Erin Williams, tracing her family lineage all the way back to Jesus.

So that's what I've got in the hopper. And in the better late than never dept.: Below are some installation shots of our last show, SPRING SOLOS 2009. I'll put a larger assortment of these on the official AAC website; for now, here's just a taste. Like what you see? Too bad, you missed it. Lucky for you that Steve Frost, Greg McLellan, and Chris LaVoie are all local--and Joe Lupo (not pictured) and Jason Lee aren't too far away, either.

Steve Frost:

Chris LaVoie:

Jason Lee:

Greg McLellan:


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