Thursday, July 30, 2009

we do need some water, actually

From the Washington Post this morning: Local art collector and former D.C. school board president Peggy Cooper Cafritz's house on Chain Bridge Road burned last night. Badly.

This is especially sad news for me, personally: Last year, Ms. Cafritz kindly loaned a piece by N.Y. artist Nadine Robinson (whose gallery, Caren Golden Fine Art, shut down on July 10--another sad bit of art news) to the AAC for She's So Articulate; at the time, I saw the rest of her collection, and there were some really stunning pieces. No word yet on the extent of the damage to the house or the collection, but this sounds to me like a big loss for the D.C. arts community.

Apparently, controlling the fire was hindered by inadequate water pressure in the neighborhood fire hydrants. If only the D.C. Fire Department had referred to this recent art project by John Anderson...


Blogger johnjamesanderson said...

Toward the end of April, in a stretch of neighborhood between Foxhall, Nebraska, V, McArthur, and 49th (the Foxhall Crescents neighborhood), I discovered nearly a dozen fire hydrants that were "Out of Order, Maintenance Required." This is nearby Cafritz's property. The damage is shocking. And, despite the combined efforts of WASA and the DCFD to locate, repair and replace these hydrants - which according to their website is currently ahead of their projected five year time line to replace 2500 of 10,000 hydrants - fires will still occur, and poor water pressure will continue to be a culprit of devastating damage such as that to Ms. Cafritz's home. It is unfortunate for Ms. Cafritz, for our art community, and for the city.

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