Wednesday, August 19, 2009

gimme indie rock!

Non-art-related post follows: If, like me, you were an indie rock/college radio nerd in the early 1990s, then this news about a new Polvo album--In Prism, set for release in September--is either cause for celebration or nervousness. I saw the reconstituted band at the Black Cat last May and didn't quite feel the old magic; the band wasn't as lurching, dissonant, or unpredictable as they were when I saw them in their prime, and sounded more (to me, anyway) like your garden variety, competent, riff-centric rock band.

Still, the mp3 available on the WIRED site makes me smile, and almost convinces me that it's 1994 again. Almost.

Below: No, not Polvo, but Sebadoh, with the titular song.


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