Thursday, August 27, 2009

rah rah rah for the home team(s)

Still more mural headaches in Washington: Back in July, I linked to a story about neighbors unhappy with a publicly funded mural by D.C. artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer. Today Wooster Collective posts this YouTube clip about an ANC commissioner unhappy with a new publicly funded mural in Edgewood, which was covered by the WaPo last Thursday.

The commissioner states an interesting opinion: The mural does not reflect local culture or history.

Okay, I'll bite: How does the commissioner think this could be corrected? By including references to MLK and...wait for it...the Nationals and the Redskins. Because free advertising for Dan Snyder and the Lerner family = resonant, relevant public art, I suppose.

See the very silly video below. (Via Rob Bettmann, via WC.)


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