Friday, August 21, 2009

remembering the remembrancer

Starting September 4, you can see Alberto Gaitán's Remembrancer (remember the painting robots?) at the new Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, VA.

The Taubman is certainly a striking building, something of a faux Frank Gehry (designed by Randall Stout, who, naturally, worked as a senior associate in Gehry's firm for over seven years). Add the Taubman to the small but growing list of good vis arts stuff that originates in Roanoke.

I commented on Alberto's piece back during the Colorfield.remix show in 2007 here (scroll down past the shots of the Gene Davis street painting.) You can also see Gaitán's flikr set for the piece as it appeared at Curator's Office here...and read a tech-geek-ish article on the mechanisms behind the project here.


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