Tuesday, October 20, 2009

things you've already read about somewhere else

Artist Nancy Spero died this past Sunday. She was 83--not a bad run. You can read about Michael Kimmelman's 1996 walk around the Met with Nancy and her husband and collaborator Leon Golub (he passed away in 2004) here; you can find that same article in the 1998 compilation of the NYT critic's various museum tours with artists, Portraits. See the episode of Art:21 from season four that features Spero's work below.

Also: Richard Lacayo talks about what a disappointment Shepard Fairey's turned out to be. I'm a big proponent of fair use, and assumed Fairey would prevail...but given the revelations about his douche-y behavior (yes, I'll have to go with douche-y here), I'm beginning to think this case will be lost--and will become an example for all of the wrong reasons.


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