Monday, November 30, 2009

drag me to chinatown

Philippa has an article in this month's DC magazine in which she highlights ten local artists to watch.

Oddly, one of them is me. Look out!

Of course I was immensely flattered...and when photographer Joshua Cogan called me to arrange shooting my portrait for the mag, I simply daubed on a little eyeliner, pulled on my fav purple tights, shimmied into whatever playful party dress happened to be lying around...and hopped onto my trusty pink scooter to meet him in Chinatown--the perfect backdrop with which to express my heritage, you see.

Hey, I am all about appropriating other people's auras and/or authority. Besides: Shouldn't every DC artist have a little "it" girl in her?

Anyway, despite the lack of commitment indicated by my visibly unshaven legs, chest, and goatee, I think I'm a bit of all right. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand to clip, pin up, and savor.

Pictured: Both of these photos are of me.


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