Friday, November 13, 2009

helpful post for time travellers

Okay, so I failed to prompt you to go see two terrific Photo Week shows that opened last night: One is at Pyramid Atlantic, featuring Nick and Sheila Pye, Chan Chao, and fabulous local portraitist Victoria F. Gaitan. What the heck was I thinking? Clearly I am suffering from daddy-brain. The show remains up through December 5, so go and see it, already.

And over at the
Sixth and I Street synagogue, Joshua Cogan opened a show of photos of the Jewish diaspora in Ethiopia and India, as well as portraits of everyone from hip-hop artists, to Jamaican slum-dwellers, to indigenous East Africans. Again, you missed the party, but the show remains on view through November 22.

I had the pleasure of working with Josh recently on a shoot that should end up in print sometime in December...stay tuned.


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