Friday, November 06, 2009

this is how the week ends

In case you missed my conversation with Jenn Figg for Salon Contra on Tuesday, you can read a little recap (and see pictures of people standing around Pink Line HQ) here, at ReadysetDC. Philippa promises to post video of the talk next week--at which point I may begin to seem a little less "brainy".

I'm a little distracted today because of a photo shoot that I'm getting ready to do this afternoon...the details of which need to remain top-secret, for now. All will be revealed in good time.

Otherwise, I expect I'll see you at Conner tomorrow night for Koen Vanmechelen, and for a preview of Annie's soon-to-be new space in that neighborhood. Right? Hey, it's tough for a still-newly-minted dad to get out there and see the art. I'm working on it.


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