Tuesday, November 23, 2010

crash(er) worship

PARTY CRASHERS is finally open at AAC. Yeah, I know, you were at the opening, anyway (because you're not lame), and therefore I don't really have to tell you this. But it is, and you should come see it.

Read Mike Rhode's promo for the show on the WCP Arts Desk here. See more info on the AAC website here.

An interesting wrinkle: C'ville artist Warren Craghead, who's one of the ABSTRACT COMICS anthology artists featured in the show, has produced a little DIY book specifically for the exhibition--the pdf is available for you to download, print, and assemble on his website here.

There's a fabulous catalog available in conjunction with the show with illustrations by Blaise Larmee and an essay by Andrei Molotiu--and me, and Cynthia, and lots of pretty pictures from the artists. At some point we'll have it on the website, too, I'm sure.

Okay, so if you missed the reception last Friday I don't really think you're lame...but if you also miss the big joint super-duper blowout party Cynthia and I are throwing on December 11--there will be a bus traveling between AAC and Artisphere, believe it or don't--then the charge of lameness will stick like stink.

On a very tangential note: Claire, my beloved Executive Director, made some disparaging comments about Archie comics in her introduction to the PARTY CRASHERS catalog--I believe "cheap" and "treacly" were the words she used.

Well, Andrei Molotiu, being the consummate comic nerd--er, scholar--begs to differ. He sings the praises of Dan DeCarlo, and submits for your consideration this truly far-out issue of Josie and the Pussycats from September of 1968: Sock It to Who?..(Whom?)

I guarantee that it will not give you the whim-whams.


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