Monday, November 29, 2010

my secret comics past

Okay, so at some point I probably should've mentioned that I used to draw comics.

Mind you, it was all during my student years--didn't we all experiment in college?

See samples below from SIGURD, a comic strip that inexplicably ran in two different newspapers, one at UVa, one at VA Tech, from 1992 to 1993. The first strip comes from the fall of '92; the second from the spring of '93. By then, the drawing had marginally improved, but the funny, such as it was, had evaporated, I think.

I should also probably mention that I had a number of drawing and painting instructors--during my undergrad years, and later, while I was taking classes at the Corc prior to grad school--tell me to steer clear of comics because they would poison my ability to do any real seeing/rendering.

And while I understand why they were saying what they were saying...the notion that contemporary painters need to stay away from popular culture, pictorial conventions, and mass-reproduced imagery should strike anyone reading this as pretty seriously out-of-touch, and not remotely market or reality-based.

And now, snippets of my misspent youth:


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