Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I don't know if you realize this, but the deadline to apply for a studio at AAC is fast approaching--it's this FRIDAY, Dec. 3. Anne Collins Goodyear from the NPG is helping us review applications for a whole bunch of studios on the top floor of our lovely Wilson Boulevard building--all spacious, clean, and convenient to metro.

Download your application form

The rundown:

Studios range from 300 square feet for a solo studio to 600 square feet for a shared, 4-artist space. All have excellent sunlight, work sinks, and high ceilings with 365 day, 24-hour access. There is a lounge area, kitchen, and a shower. Artists are not required to keep studio doors open; instead, they open their studios to the public 5 times each year, typically in conjunction with opening receptions. Every artist has a regular opportunity to exhibit in AAC’s Wyatt Resident Artist Gallery. A page on AAC’s website is devoted to each artist.

So that's 24 hour access...a communal shower, kitchen, and lounge...opportunities to show in exhibitions in the building, and during open studio events, usually held in conjunction with art openings during which a few hundred people are milling around in the building anyway...and a page on our website.

Increasingly, resident artists are the public face of AAC--we've been featuring our residents in offsite public art programs in Arlington this past year, with more in the hopper for 2011. Heck, there's always an outside chance we might even take you
someplace cool--as we did with residents Evan Reed and Caroline Danforth in this 2007 show.

Bonus: You get to see me whenever you want to. Who doesn't want that?

Apply, already!

Pictured: Resident artist Jenny Mullins during a January open studio event at AAC.


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