Friday, December 31, 2010

parting shots

In today's Washington Post Style section, last critic standing Jessica Dawson takes a look at Party Crashers, my current show at AAC. It's a two-part show created in collaboration with the fabulous Cynthia Connolly, who has the other half on view at the Artisphere in Rosslyn.

Read her review here.

Somehow, despite the fact that the exhibition rubric has "been done nearly to death"--yes, there have been shows about the relationship of comics to gallery culture before, just like there have been shows about Post-Impressionism, or Conceptual art, or, I dunno, cowboy sculptures before--Jessica finds highlights. A pointless show with must-see elements! No, I'm not confused, either.

Another fun tidbit: Despite the fact that Jessica dismisses Andrei Molotiu's "musings", I'm sure Andrei will be happy to be appreciated as an artist first--and not an art historian with a PhD, who's edited books, published papers, and curated shows on the subject...which is why he was asked to contribute an essay about the history of the treatment of comics in museum exhibitions, you see.

Oh, forget my silliness: Jessica draws attention to the good stuff--Eric Cheevers, Jim Rugg, Abstract Comics--and basically gives us a belated Xmas present by pointing out reasons for people to come see the shows. Which they (you) should. So thank you, Jessica, and thank you, readers and soon-to-be gallery visitors.

Also in print today is this somewhat belated consideration of Hide/Seek in the Washington City Paper. (Make sure you read Kriston Capps's year in review re: the Clough man also.)

Man, if only I could get this Jeffry Cudlin guy to review one of my shows.

Really, DC? In the New Year I have to make the art...curate it into shows...and write the reviews myself? That's seriously going to cut into my time noodling around on Facebook and googling my own name over and over again.


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