Friday, March 16, 2007

My pick for Mark Bennett and Matthew Sutton at Conner Contemporary is in today's WCP.

Read it here.

I may or may not be doing an artifacts piece in the near future. Back in 2004, the first piece I was ever assigned was an artifact--and the results were so spectacularly reader unfriendly that everyone agreed I should be doing gallery reviews instead.

The problem with me doing human interest stories, I've told more than one editor, is that I'm not interested in humans. If it isn't hanging on a wall, don't ask me about it.

But maybe I'm softening a bit. I might actually allow myself to report on something, interview someone. Breakthrough!

Still working on the Modernism: Designing a New World review. Due today; it should hopefully run next week.

This weekend, I'll be taking a look at the new show opening at Project 4.

Oh, and on Saturday, March 30th, my band, The Object Lesson, will be playing the Transmodern Festival in Baltimore. We'll be providing a soundtrack for Slapdown!, the best darned woman artist's wrestling collective you've ever seen.

Read that last sentence again. It's all true.

I've been playing drums with the band since September. If you go looking for us on Myspace, you'll hear older tracks, recorded not with me but with my predecessor, and with a second guitarist who's no longer in the band, either. Hopefully we'll have our new material up at some point soon.

Pictured: Anthony Goicolea, "Amphibians," video, 2003. At Project 4's "Specimen" show this weekend.


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