Monday, March 05, 2007

A week has blown by with nary a peep from me here. I am stretching the concept of an "incisive daily journal" past all plausibility.

What have I been doing?

Well, I had a pick for
Graham Caldwell's show at G Fine Art in last week's WCP.

Otherwise, I've been preparing for a performance that Meg Mitchell and I will be doing at the 14K Cabaret in Baltimore this Friday. It'll be a multi-media extravaganza/farce, including experimental music, period dress, action painting, unitards--you know, the good stuff.

You're encouraged to attend--in fabulous '70s attire, if you can manage it. Who knows? You might make it into the documentary footage or photos that will be taken of the event--which will be included in our show at DCAC, opening May 11th. Think of it as the anti-Color School Remix.

In preparation for that, we've been interviewing notable artists and curators and asking them to lie outrageously about local art history. The results thus far have exceeded expectations.

My plan to write a series of essay-ish posts about the papers at CAA and my gallery crawl in Chelsea clearly hasn't come to fruition. Busy, busy, busy.

There's still plenty that I'd like to write about--like, say, the discussion in which James Panero from The New Criterion forced a room full of academics to watch Good Morning America. Fun!


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