Monday, March 26, 2007

Were you looking for me today? I was home sick with the flu.

At the moment I sound a bit like Tom Waits after a night spent huffing gasoline. No, that's not good.

Last Friday I had a pick in the WCP for Specimen at Project 4.

Read it here.

This week I'll have my review of the Modernism show at the Corcoran, as well as an artifact--an interview with Janis Goodman.
I'd hoped to do something with the audio for the interview, either post it in a podcast here, or on the CP site...but the material may be too noisy for popular consumption.
It sounds like someone was using a jackhammer in the other room of the gallery the entire time we were recording.

Or was it dynamite? Some kind of intermittent exploding distortion.
I'll get the bugs worked out eventually.
Pictured: Adelaide Paul, (Be)Witch, leather and taxidermist mannequin, 2005


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