Friday, January 11, 2008

Here's post number one for 2008, a mere eleven days into the new year. So much for resolutions.

I'll be attending the Look! It's Phil Barlow!* show at Curator's Office this Saturday. Come by, say hi, and we'll attempt to squirm uncomfortably past one another in search of art, wine, or possibly oxygen. (If all 15 of the artists participating in the show come out for the reception, that'll be a tightly packed room at CO. There's a reason it's called a micro-gallery.)

The titular art collector will be on hand, too--so make sure to come experience the rare phenomenon of running into Philip Barlow at an art opening.

Next week I'll post about a few of the shows opening January 12th.

Pictured: Rob Parrish, 252 Works of Art Owned by Philip Barlow, video stills, 2007; James Huckenpahler, Rental, digital print, 2007

*actual title differs slightly


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