Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lynne Venart had a really nice piece in DCist yesterday on Collectors Select. Read all about it here.

Elsewhere out there: Edward Winkleman apologizes today for gender disparities in his gallery of late...and points out a disconcerting trend in Chelsea galleries generally, thanks to a little linguistic analysis of press releases. (Has anyone tried this with D.C. galleries? Couldn't possibly take as long.)

All of which naturally brings to mind Jerry Saltz's article on the MoMA way back in November, and the attendant conversation and commentary.

It's a funny thing: In my end-of-year museums wrap-up, I picked WACK! as the most important museum show to pass through DC last year. Plenty of the works in that show were dilapidated or distressed, thanks either to construction that wasn't precious, or, possibly, simple neglect...the installation of videos struck me as very community college: Ancient, boxy video monitors sat on low, grimy pedestals; little white plastic stick-on hooks sported cheap headphones. I don't know if that was courtesy of the NMWA, or MOCA, or by design. But it definitely looked low-budget, and made me once again think about these very real disparities.


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