Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Very belated thanks to all of the folks who came to AAC last Friday for UNLIMITED EDITION/TEE PARTY @ TIFFANY's. Philippa has pictures of the panel discussion and t-shirt making here.

I brought my video camera along...but apparently I was schmoozing too much and/or having entirely too much fun, since I barely captured anything that happened. Below are a few snippets that might or might not give you a sense of the evening. Kathryn's performance definitely became more absurd as the evening wore on and the twitter instructions rolled in--I wasn't recording, but at some point, she sang Christmas carols in pig latin (sort of), provided martial arts and sumo wrestling demonstrations, and experienced a series of epiphanies. All at the prompting of her audience, of course. For more documentation, come by the AAC, where videos of both ends of the performance--the audience and the artist--are running in the space, along with a web terminal allowing access to the ReDOIT site.


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