Tuesday, January 06, 2009

And a belated Happy New Year to you!

I took a couple of weeks for a mental health holiday. Too bad that didn't work. Anyway, I'm finally back in the office, back on the blog, and gearing up for a new year of exhibitions--yours, mine, and theirs.

Things to do this week: Go see Margaret Boozer talk about her show at Project 4's new-ish space upstairs from Hamiltonian Gallery--on the third floor of 1353 U Street NW. That's this Saturday, January 10th, at 2:00 pm. Margaret's a fabulous sculptor, instructor, and all-around great DC-arts-person-to-know, so go see her show, already!

Unfortunately, I won't be there--I'll actually be at a training for the (also new-ish) AAC website. Yes, posting on the AAC's official blog has been a little slow for the last month or so, but expect that to change once the staff actually knows how to post things to it.

Below: Your moment of Brody Condon's Twentyfivefold Manifestation.


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