Monday, February 09, 2009

Spent part of the weekend in NYC. Dropped by Winkleman Gallery for Things Fall Apart, and saw Andrea Zittel's show at Andrea Rosen. More on both of those later.

J.T. stopped by the Arts Center just in time for us to have an equipment failure on Saturday morning. Oops. Just after he left (understandably frustrated), we had all of the exhibits up and running, save for one video projector. Sorry, J.T.--come back anytime for a personal tour, and maybe a drink, too.

Looking for a tax write-off? The AAC is a 501(c) feel free to send us your lightly used LCD or plasma TVs, surround sound stereo systems, laptops, HD projectors, cameras, and/or DVD players, headphones, etc., etc. A new media-minded curator can dream, right?

I have an announcement to make at some point this week about a special guest speaker we'll be having for the PUBLIC/PRIVATE closing party on Tuesday, March 24--and about the public art project we'll be kicking off in Arlington that same night. Stay tuned!


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