Monday, September 21, 2009

ripped from the headlines

Last November, The Yes Men printed a fake edition of the New York Times dated eight months into the future, and declaring an end to the Iraq War.

Today they performed a similar stunt, printing and circulating a New York Post special edition that, instead of predicting a sunny future for us all, announces: "WE'RE SCREWED."

2000 volunteers distributed the faux special edition with the gloomy headline to New York City residents early this morning.

The Times special edition from last fall contained fictitious stories written in a not-too-distant future in which all sorts of left wing fantasies--a "maximum wage" law, state-controlled health care, free public university education for all--were suddenly fulfilled.

Every story in the fake New York Post, meanwhile, is based on actual government reports and scientific studies. In other words: The paper's fake, but the information in it isn't.

The cover story describes how the effects of global warming likely will threaten the lives of New Yorkers in the next decade; the prank, appropriately enough, comes just one day before the U.N.'s September 22nd summit on climate change.

Read the paper here; visit the Yes Men here. See video of readers responding to the paper below:


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