Tuesday, September 29, 2009

roll call

I've just made a few long overdue additions to the blogroll--which, yes, you have to scroll way down the page to see these days, and which needs to be overhauled, expanded, and organized in some meaningful way, into categories like artists, institutions, and regional coverage, etc. I know this. Feel free to come be my intern.

Anyway, the blogroll is supposed to give a sense of what I'm actually reading out there, which by now would certainly include Glasstire, the big and bright contemporary art blog from deep in the heart of Texas. Ivan Lozano is a contributing writer, and also an Austin-based artist whose work I love. I'll be featuring Ivan's work in an AAC show next January.

Also on the list now are Beautiful/Decay and Rhizome--which, of course, has the best in new media art...with which I'm spending an awful lot of my time these days.

As for local blogs, I've added DC Art Seen...which has been dormant for awhile, but certainly appeared to be a welcome development when it began. Let's hope Ophra Paul resumes coverage of local exhibitions soon. And, finally, there's Corcoran art instructor and fire hydrant enthusiast John James Anderson, a bright guy and talented DC artist.

Visit all of these folks often.


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