Thursday, December 10, 2009

belated notice on late artist

Back on November 24, Kriston had this excellent item on the passing of Jeanne-Claude--and on the artworld's reluctance to give her credit for her collaboration with her far more famous husband, Christo. Read all about it here.

As it turns out, Kriston and I recorded an interview together with Christo and Jeanne-Claude about a year ago--back when Over the River was on view at the Phillips Collection--with the idea of eventually turning it into a podcast. It was a hugely entertaining, sprawling conversation, lasting over an hour. Unfortunately, Christo's voice as we recorded it comes across as heavily accented low frequency noise--rumbling, slurring, sounding almost like human speech, but not quite. Which begs the question: Can you present a podcast with subtitles?

Jeanne Claude, meanwhile, spoke with absolute clarity, and remained on message and on target throughout--pretty much confirming what Kriston wrote in his remembrance.


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