Monday, February 08, 2010

snowpocalypse now

If you missed the opening reception for Transhuman Conditions, you may be having a hard time experiencing the show: Thanks to the mild snowstorm last Saturday and the crushing, hysteria-inducing two-foot-plus snowfall this past Friday, the aac by now has been closed for two consecutive weekends. Given that two more snowstorms are expected within the week, Arlington may have a bit more digging out to do--and folks may have a bit more trouble seeing the art.

Luckily for you, everything will remain up and running through April 3, so you have time--and even a little thawing on the horizon. In the meantime, you can huddle close to the warmth of your LCD screen and read the show's catalogue online here. (Hard copies are available at aac for a mere $5 suggested donation.)

Thanks to Michael O'Sullivan, Ed Winkleman, C-Monster, and DCist for spreading the word; thanks to Kate Mattingly at Pink Line for thinking and writing about the artwork.

The reception was really well-attended. I saw a lot of my favorite DC arts people, and the PBR flowed freely. Thanks to everyone who made an appearance. If I missed saying hi to you (and it seems that I did miss a lot of you!), I apologize.

Unfortunately, aside from Jason Horowitz and Laure Drogoul, a lot of the artists are out-of-towners, and getting a few of them here to install was already a bit of a feat. I was very pleased, though, that Shane Hope made the trip down from Brooklyn to talk--about his work, disasterbation, qubits, and anything else that happened to flash across his visionary brain pan.

I will have a complete set of installation shots soon...although you realize this will mean actually being able to travel to Arlington from DC, right? In the meantime: Below are some shots taken by our own lovely and talented Catherine Satterlee. Not pictured are Saya Woolfalk, Shane Hope, Ivan Lozano, or about half of the Arakawa and Gins installation, but this should at least give you a sneak peek--and perhaps inspire you to shovel a little faster.


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