Friday, March 19, 2010

reperformance art must be beautiful; reperformance artist must be beautiful

Read this post on the Art:21 blog by Ivan Lozano, a Chicago-based video artist and arts writer with a formidable beard.

Ivan is in our
current show at aac; he flew all the way out here from Chicago to participate in last night's panel discussion, WE HAVE DECIDED NOT TO DIE. (Thanks, Ivan!) Neuroscience, gay porn, distributed cognition, and why white people can't dance were only a few of the topics we considered.

In his post, Ivan considers how an older generation of performance artists has tried--and often failed--to preserve a record of their works and to maintain their legacies. He talks specifically about how performance art "diva"
Marina Abramovic seems to be trying to create a sort of preservation orthodoxy around reperformance--the practice of having younger stand-ins recreate canonical works live in the museum.

Good stuff.


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