Tuesday, March 23, 2010

six degrees of aac

There are two time-sensitive shows to see this week--and both, as with nearly all good art-related events that happen in this city, ineluctably lead back to the aac. How about that?

Philippa has posted a little video interview with Jeong-ok Jeon, curator of Desirable Fairy Tales: Between Fantasy and Reality, a contemporary art exhibit over at the KORUS house/Korean Embassy. You have through this Thursday, March 25 to catch it.

The show features work by our very own aac resident artist
Gilbert Trent, as well as by one of my favorite young photographers, Satomi Shirai. I included her work in PUBLIC/PRIVATE here at the aac last year; she was also selected for the National Portrait Gallery's portrait competition, which remains on view through August.

Second: DC artist
John James Anderson is hard at work creating jobs--or, at least, little buttons that say "JOB" on them:

As an artistic action, I thought it would be a good idea to create some JOBs and distribute them to people. Some might argue that my JOBs are worthless. However, if pressed, these same individuals might also say the same about their own jobs. What good are these JOBs, then? If nothing else, if you receive a JOB, at least you can always say you "have a JOB."

Okay, fair enough.

He passed these out to those feeling financially strapped or otherwise underemployed by the Dupont Circle Q Street metro entrance last Wednesday, March 17, and should be out again this Wednesday, too. Visit the
project website for more details.

John will also be in our next show here at the aac, SPRING SOLOS 2010--along with Mia Feuer,
Greg Thielker, Steven Pearson, Ana Hernandez, and Rachel Schmidt. Opens April 16.


Blogger johnjamesanderson said...

Thanks for the mention, Jeffry. As a note, future JOB distribution will happen Wednesdays, 8-9am, at locations TBA thru April 14, 2010.

1:03 PM  

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