Monday, April 05, 2010

hey, i can reprint press releases, too!

This was in my inbox this morning: Looks like the WaPo is trying to create some sort of forum/database/debasing-reality-show-type-contest for the arts community--presumably to placate all of the torch wielding artists roaming the streets of our nation's capital, muttering to themselves about being totally ignored by museums, critics, friends, pets, etc. Oh, wait, that's me!

Anyway, I will now inhabit the stereotype of the lazy blogger who uncritically relays the contents of the press releases s/he receives (wait, what do
prairie dogs do with them?) by pasting the entire thing below. Hooray for journalism!

Good morning!

The Washington Post recently launched Real Art D.C., a new platform for contemporary art in the Washington region, as well as a related competition open to all area artists.

Real Art D.C. is an online virtual gallery of artwork by local artists which will allow The Post’s audience to discover and connect with Washington’s newest talents. This online user gallery will be driven by the local arts community – the artists who submit work and the dealers and teachers who encourage artists to upload images. The site will display any artworks that members of the community chose to post.

Beginning the first week of May and continuing through the summer, The Post’s art critics will pick ten artists from the pool of Real Art D.C. uploads. Each of the ten finalists will get a studio visit write-up online, and once the last “finalist” is announced in early October, users will have the opportunity to vote online for the finalist they like best. The Post will interview the winner, and profile his/her career in print and online.

You can link to all the artwork here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kris Coratti
Director, Communications
The Washington Post
Office: 202-334-5445


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