Thursday, November 04, 2010

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I'm currently gearing up for PARTY CRASHERS at AAC. The show opens November 19.

Comic books! I am letting my geek flag fly. Read all about it on our

Over at
Grammar.police: Every time a few months have passed and I think Kriston is about ready to break up with the blogosphere, he puts up a flurry of five or six thoughtful posts. What a tease! Inexplicably, Kriston tries to persuade us that there was at some point a reason to read The New Criterion. There was? Kriston, I still like painting, too, but this doesn't make me feel any kinship with these rubes.

At the
WCP, John Anderson reflects on the Real Art D.C. "contest" at the WaPo. John finds plenty of flaws: from the glut of all-over-the-map entries from hobbyists and traditionalists in what was ostensibly a contemporary art the inclusion of reasonably well known locals in a contest intended for anyone's ability to actually give all of the over 4000 entries screen time and come to a meaningful conclusion about them.

Conclusions: Give the WaPo credit for actually doing something re: local artists. Deduct points for the failure to articulate meaningful standards, parameters, or definitions for contemporary art practice, or the relationship of our regional art identity (such as it is) to the rest of the art world--thereby reinforcing the we're-all-happy-under-the-radar-and-congratulating-one-another provincialism.

Things to see: I'm writing for the WCP right now about the
Pre-Raphaelite Lens show. NGA has had some pretty strong photography exhibitions in the past few years--like this one, for example.

Anne Goodyear is talking TONIGHT with curator Jonathan Walz and artist Heyd Fontenot about The Very Queer Portraits of Heyd Fontenot at the
UMD art gallery. Anne is awesome, as is Jonathan. And I don't just say this because I'm facebook friends with them.

Have $150 burning a hole in your pocket? Does your social calendar look empty for
next Tuesday night? And do you want to see the most rockingest top secret performance art piece ever, period, in the heretofore written history of awesomeness, that might or might not have something to do with Kathryn Cornelius and myself?

Well, I'd tell you something about all of this, but
it's a secret.


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