Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My good friend Sean Tubbs over at the Charlottesville Podcasting Network rightly pointed out that the Kojo Nnamdi podcast I linked to isn't really a podcast at all:

Possibly geeky, but the links on WAMU's sites aren't technically podcasts because they're streaming. Or are they? What does this word podcast mean and is it worth keeping if it doesn't do what it was intended to do? I saw podcast and expected an mp3 I could download. While this doesn't stop me from listening
to it, it does mean I will record it so I can take it with me, during transportation time, where I'm more likely to listen to a radio show. I'm usually doing something with sound most of the time I'm in front of a computer. Can't wait to listen.

I stand corrected. Thanks, Sean!


Blogger Sean Tubbs said...

No trouble, kind sir.

But, the word podcast really is very misunderstood and open to multiple interpretations. Broadcasters look down on it as a marginal way of reaching people. Other people still scratch their heads when they hear it. To me, it's a technical description that has incredibly important social applications.

As I type this, video that we produced first for our website at Charlottesville Tomorrow is now being broadcast on our community's cable access channels. Is this now a podbroadcast? Broadpodcast? Or simply a video?

It's all so confusing. Wake me up in 2010.

11:29 AM  

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