Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I know, I know; I went and got a job, and now I've left you alone and cold and miserable.

Well, maybe not cold--certainly not in D.C. in August.

Sweaty and plagued by mosquitos, maybe.

I've been shuttling back and forth between the Arlington Arts Center and my very last class at Maryland--ever--all week. Two hours every morning at my new workplace, then drive drive drive for my 12:30 date with pedagogy: A three and a half hour theory extravaganza. It's a little overwhelming. But it'll only be this way for another two weeks, I swear.

Lenny posted about one of the things that's going on right now at my new place of work. Arlington to Aachen: Imaging the Distance is officially open. Mind you, the reception won't be until September...but in the meantime, come see what the Germans are up to--aside from obsessing over Joseph Beuys. Downstairs, you can get a sneak peek at the American art we'll be sending over to keep those Aachen folks company.

This week in the CP: A music pick. Novelty! I've got 250 words on the Negativland show at the Warehouse Theater this Sunday. Seat Bee Sate: Play Black Sabbath at 78, please.

Planning to see a couple of shows this weekend--maybe Ryan Carr Johnson in that big group show over at KNEW gallery. Some other things as well. I'll be posting about my travels next week.


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