Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This week, we're installing Rosemary Covey's 0 Project at the AAC.

On Wednesday, with the help of two Truly Amazing Volunteers, I'll be sinking 22' tall posts in the ground and attaching them to the building with Very Long Screws. (I made my first serious tool purchase for the AAC yesterday: A hammer drill. I'm starting to feel like a sculptor here.)

On Thursday, we'll be attaching the 300' long 0 banner to the posts with staples.

If you'd like to stop by and lend a hand--or just gawk, or maybe call an ambulance when I fall out of the cherry picker--well, go ahead and do that. I'll be happy to hand you a staple gun.

I've had plenty of good advice, much of which I've been unable to take: The AAC's housed in an historic building, and there are only so many holes you can make in its facade, as it turns out.

I'm also working on a review of the Hopper show at the NGA for next week's CP...and figuring out how to play the Star Wars theme on guitar for a friend's wedding.

Oh, and trying to learn a little bit of German. I'll be in Aachen in November...so far, I can ask where the campground is, or what kind of music they'll be playing at the discotheque. Both of these are good things to know.


Blogger matthew langley said...

I think they will be playing "disco" at the discotheque

just guessing...

9:16 AM  
Blogger jhcudlin said...

Shoot...I figured they'd be playing Mahler or Wagner or something.

10:50 AM  
Blogger matthew langley said...

maybe something like "Stars on 45" but done with deep gravitas?

I'll stop wasting your time now...

11:22 AM  

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