Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It took quite a bit of back and forth, bargaining, and compromising, but Welmoed, Kriston, and Martin eventually came up with a list of finalists for Unlimited Edition at the AAC.

You can read about the results--and a bit about Philippa Hughes's Tee Party, also taking place on the night of December 12--over on the official AAC blog.

Other AAC-related news: The November/December issue of Art Papers features a review by Andrew Kozlowski of our August/November show, Picturing Politics. It's a thorough, carefully considered treatment of the exhibition--a bit of a mixed review, ultimately, but Kozlowski clearly took the requisite time to unpack the curator's intentions and weigh the many disparate artists and approaches on offer. This is the kind of serious, thoughtful criticism that curators pine for.

Kozlowski sums up the show early on:

"While Picturing Politics features some visually unappealing works, very few confront the viewer with the kind of didactic grandstanding that often makes political art tough to stomach and easy to dismiss."

Gee...does that sound familiar?

"With few exceptions, "Picturing Politics" batters us with its liberal agenda -- an agenda as rife with polemic as the rightist politics its artists oppose."

No, I guess it doesn't.

Hey, happy Thanksgiving! See you next week.


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